Premium High Quality, Natural Organic Products made from Exotic Spices, and Herbs combined with modern science formulated from trade secret ancient recipes followed and used by the Asian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, and Persian empires.

LIFA LAB®️ is an Australian family-owned Carbon Neutral Clean Beauty & Wellness company with the mission to help and educate people to achieve a healthy lifestyle through all-natural organic ingredients that mother earth provides to reduce the carbon footprint and Save Our Planet.

At LIFA LAB®️ we aim to introduce powerful ancient plants and botanicals with simple ways to add to your daily consumption.
We scientifically formulated a range of products for different purposes for those who want to take more natural vitamins and minerals from raw bioactive planets. 
LIFA LAB®️ Plant-Based Super Mix Blends have been diligently handcrafted and prepared from high-quality ingredients, mostly grown and sourced in Australia, our mission is to support Australian jobs and local businesses and educate people globally about ways to maintain a natural and sustainable healthy lifestyle.
LIFA LAB®️ beauty line is purely made from seasonal fruits and vegetables as our mission is to stop the waste of fruits and veggies by saving the unwanted and turning them into fresh useful natural products. working closely with local suppliers we aim to create high-quality pure and clean health, wellness, and beauty products.
lifa lab super mix blends



We source all of our ingredients directly from suppliers that we know where they come from, and work to have a positive impact on the local communities there. All of our certified organic ingredients are naturally dried to preserve the micronutrients and are tested by third-party labs.


We are doing our best - our product packages are simple, recyclable and reusable.



We plant one tree for every purchase - This is our commitment. 


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