Make your immunity stronger

I personally hate the taste of turmeric that was one of the reasons I created super mixes packed in capsules but for those who like the taste of this magical root here is a good hot vegan drink recipe.

🍵 500ml water - bring it to boil
🍋 1 Lemmon - squeezes it all in the water add some zest too
🍊 1 Mandarin- squeezes it all in the boiling water
🍠 Fresh turmeric as much as you can handle 🙊
🍠 1 Tbs fresh ginger
🍯 1 Tbs organic raw honey
⚫ Pinch of black pepper

Add everything to the boiling water, leave it for 10 min until it cools off and enjoy🍶

Send this recipe to anyone who would benefit 🧡

Make this drink and tag us let us know whether you like how it tastes or not? 😉

Pic by Freepik